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A life update 2 years in the making!

Whew. I'm not sure where to begin to cover even just the surface of the last 2 years but I'll try! We have been doing house project after house project for starters! Our yard is coming along and room by room we're updating the inside of the house. This will be our second year of growing cut-flowers in the greenhouse and bottling fresh salsa from our own produce. I never thought we'd be living this life here in small-town Southern Utah but I am so glad for unexpected turns. This is a peaceful and calm life and we're grateful!

Andy has been the assistant baseball coach at the high school for the last 2 years and this last fall, they won their 5th state championship in a row! It has been so fun and the boys LOVE "Coach Rand"! I have been the assistant volleyball coach for the last 2 years (volleyball and baseball seasons are the same time of year so it's wild balancing them both) and I love it! I don't remember a ton of actual volleyball but man, I love those girls! Lo is a trooper to come to practice and games non-stop every fall but she has fun and the kids all love her!

Let's see, what else? We've been to countless concerts, Disneyland trips, flights, Arizona trips, side by side rides, and just recently got back from Hawaii! We put a basketball/pickleball court in our backyard and you can find us there every evening in the summer. Every year that we're here, our roots sink deeper and deeper and we've really created a great community of people around us. We love where we love to say the least.

We're still hoping and praying for more babies. We've completely given our will over to Heavenly Father. We wrestle with Him sometimes but ultimately we know, He is in charge and He has a plan (a plan much better than our own!) Every night in our prayers, we all ask Heavenly Father to "please help us have more babies". It is never far from our minds.

Life is good and we are still full of hope!

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