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[By Kaylie]


Loren Quinn, you are a dream. I can't believe sometimes, that I get to be your mom. You are my best friend and I'm so glad I get to spend my days at home with you. You never fail to keep dad and I on our toes. We literally can't wait to hear what funny thing you'll say next. Sometimes you say words or phrases that you don't really understand and we laugh hard over it! The other day, you caught dad giving me a kiss and you said "Hey come give me some of that attitude!" I know you aren't sure what "attitude" means but we'll give it to you any time!


You love to give us kisses and hugs, you follow your daddy around and help him with all the house/yard projects. You and him love to go for drives in his truck to get gum or hike around in the mountains. You love to be outside, and you're genuinely happy 99% of the time. You love your pink bunny and you won't go to sleep without her. Lately you've been grabbing our cheeks and saying "honey, listen" or "honey, what are you doing?" You have a stuffed dog that you named Susan (ha!) and she's closely becoming a favorite as well. Dad and I love how funny you are, how quick you are to say sorry when you make mistakes and how quickly you forgive us when we make them. 


The way you came to our family is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for bringing SO MUCH JOY into our lives. I hope we can always teach you all the fun, good things in life and that you'll forgive us when we make mistakes. I hope you appreciate and love the relationship we get to have with your birth family and that you will always feel comfortable talking about your birth story - it's one of our favorites to tell. I hope you will always feel and know how much you are loved. Not just by us but by your friends and extended family and birth family. I don't know how to put into words just how loved you are by dad and me but I hope you always feel it now and forever.  

Love you 14, Lo Lo!

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