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by kaylie

Dad Andy Adoptive Family

Andy is literally my favorite person in the world. He's funny, charming, athletic, obviously handsome, and so talented! He makes friends with everyone, and would do anything for anyone. He's constantly making me laugh but not in the loud way that warrants attention from everyone. He is more the type to quietly say something funny when you're sitting next to him. The kind of humor you where you feel lucky to be the one next to him. He is honest, doesn't love attention, fits in with any group and can make people feel so comfortable! My family fell in love with him immediately when we started dating and they are still smitten by him. 

If I had to describe our relationship in one word, it would be "fun"! We have taken the approach of laughing through life and our marriage is definitely full of laughter. There have been hard times and we definitely let ourselves sit in those moments of sadness and disappointment sometimes but we don't let each other stay there for long and I love that about us. We can and have been able to get through anything side by side.

He's the youngest of a big family of boys and he loves them all so much. He talks a lot about the memories he has from growing up in small town Southern Utah with his brothers. Lake Powell trips, fishing, hunting, playing sports, teasing his brothers, serving his mission in Africa and spending time with his grandparents are some of his favorites. When we all get together, the brothers usually have a Dutch oven cook-off and we stay up late talking and laughing! Anytime I hear others talking about their difficult in-laws, I have nothing to contribute because I just can't relate, mine are the best! I am so grateful to be part of this family. 

Andy loves Jesus Christ with his whole heart and really tries to emulate His loving example by making others happy, standing up for his beliefs, and welcoming people into his life with open arms. 

He is sooo cute with all kids, but especially  our daughter Lo. He loves it when he can work on projects with his little side kick and when he gets to just play on the floor with her or listen to her talk. He has a way of getting Lo to share all kinds of stories and details about her life that she doesn't share with anyone else. They have this unique connection that makes me so thankful every time I witness it. I can't wait to watch his relationship with her and (hopefully) our other kids unfold. He is intentional about teaching Lo life lessons. He goes out of his way to explain things to her, help her have good manners, work hard, and play hard too. There are so many times I stop and just can't believe how I got so lucky to have landed this guy. He's WAY out of my league!

Andy's hobbies: Date nights, hiking, lifting weights, building things, welding things, walking around sporting stores for hours, hunting, fishing, smoking meat, chatting with his brothers, going to concerts, playing sports and "wrestling" with Lo on the living room floor. 

Andy's dislikes (he doesn't dislike much but there are a few things): His birthday parties (that I plan against his will every year), cucumbers, being too hot, staying up late (unless it's for a concert or sports event), and last of all, "chick" music (I make sure to throw in some Michelle Branch and Avril LeVine into all of our road trip playlists just to push his buttons a little - ha!).

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