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[by andy]


Kaylie is my best friend! I never thought, when I was young, that my best friend would be my wife, but that's exactly how it ended up, and I am so thankful that it did.


When I look back at the early part of Kaylie and I’s relationship, I realize now, how lucky I was to have found such a woman. When you are in the dating phase of life you tend to over look the faults of the one you are dating, and then, about a year into your marriage you start to fight over those faults that had gone un-noticed. For us, those faults were seen early, and for some reason we were blessed to get through them with a lot of laughs, a few minor disagreements and an increased love for each other. Overall, my realization that I totally lucked out in finding such a woman has increased each year.


When we were dating I thought that we were so much alike, and It didn't take long to realize that Kaylie’s love for football (which seemed like a dream come true), was actually just a love for “football parties”, and being around all our friends. I can truly say now, after almost 13 years of marriage, that I love this Woman with all my heart, and I was so lucky to have found her, and to even have her show interest in guy like me.


Kaylie is the most thoughtful person I know. She is always thinking of ways to make other lives better. It just comes natural to her to want to help people out and she often sees the need long before I have any idea there was one. She is so good with people! I guess that is one of her most attractive personality traits, because I’m more quiet. I love that she does all the talking for the both of us. This is a trait that I’m pretty sure was forced upon her because of all the times she had to move as a child, and had to make new friends.

Back in 2017 we were able to adopt our daughter, and I was able to see a new person during that process. I saw Kaylie take to motherhood with such ease as though she was always destined to be a mom. I always knew that she would be a great mother, but I had no idea to what extent, and I was pleasantly surprised. She is always thinking of what is best for her, and will sit and read books, and play for hours. On top of caring for Lo, she takes care of her biggest kid (me), and is still able to work a full time job from home, cook, clean, and make sure we are all doing what we are supposed to. She really is a super mom. 


Beyond all her talents, she is just a wonderful person. She was raised by an amazing family, that consists of so many branches, I needed a cheat sheet to get all their names right for the first few years. She has a firm faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, and it’s that firm faith that keeps us doing what’s right. I love her so much, and wouldn't care to see what my life would be like without her.

Kaylie's hobbies: Planning parties, visiting family and friends, decorating, taking pictures, calligraphy, traveling, Target (<---that's a hobby right?), playing "house" and Barbies with Lo and traveling! 

Kaylie's dislikes: Beans of any kind, sad books or movies, the news, when I look at new trucks online every day and when she loses stuff and can't find it (this happens a lot and when it does, she'll turn to me and say "come on Andy, use your memory and tell me where I put my keys!")

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