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A few of the yearly family journals Kaylie keeps for us. Last year's was so big, it has two volumes! She starts each entry like the episode titles from our favorite show, Friends... "The one where...."


5th birthday photos!


Andy built Lo her own playhouse upstairs!


Kaylie hand painted flowers for Lo on her wall!


Grandma and grandpa C!


Lo’s 5th puppy party birthday!


Kaylie’s side of the family!


Baby Lo!


Play kitchen in the playhouse!

Grandma always gives each grandkid Jammie’s at the Christmas party!

Christmas with gram!

Birth family visits and side X side rides!

Birth family visits!

Lo and her new baby cousin!

Lo and her new baby cousin!

Kaylie, grandpa, grandma and aunt Laina! - Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving with the Christensen’s!

60th anniversary photo shoot!

60th anniversary shoot for these two!

Canoe ride on our trip to Oahu!

Canoe ride on Oahu!

Christmas break snowmen!

Christmas snowmen!

Christmas Jammie’s! Baby Hattie and Molly got matching Jammie’s too!

Lo and her babies’ matching Jammie’s!

2023 trip to Hawai’i!

Surf competition in Hawaii!

Luau hang outs!

Luau time!

Grandma O and Lo!

Lo and grandma O!

Our little Lo, growing up so fast!!

Our little Lo!

Last minute trip to Disneyland right before Lo was born!

Last minute trip to Disneyland before Lo was born!

Best friends!




Lo’s 1st concert - Gavin DeGraw

Lo’s first concert!

mom & dad

Mom & dad!

2022 family pictures!

Family pictures!

Andy & Lo

Andy is the coolest dad. He turns the music up loud in the kitchen and he and Lo jam out.

I asked her if I could take some pictures of her room for our adoption website she somehow heard "Can I take some pictures of you jumping on your bed?" Basically the same thing!

Andy & Lo making sugar cookies! We decided right from the start that we were going to be parents who let our kids help us (even if it's way messier and takes double the time). One of Lo's favorite things is helping in the kitchen!


Learning how to count money in the playroom. And by "count", I mean scatter dimes and pennies all over the floor haha

Annual mother-daughter Disneyland trip! We love to get a treat and then sit down on main street and eat it while waiting for the parade to start.

Home during the holidays, we are so excited to add more stockings to the mantel! Andy built the fireplace for us, isn't it dreamy?!

We go to Disneyland for the treats! Beignets and Mint Julep are something we get every day when we're there.

Reading stories - "Room on the Broom" is our favorite! I'm pretty sure we could recite it from memory by now.

Lo's 3rd birthday party - Young Wild and THREE! Kaylie goes ALL out for Lo's birthday, it's one of her favorite hobbies and she starts planning it months in advance ha ha!

Probably making us some Mac-n-Cheese!


Cake for grandma's bday dinner!


Our front yard faces fields and a pretty mountain range. Not a bad view while we're out playing in the sprinklers!


Something so cozy and fun about the house when it snows!

In 2020, Andy set a goal to run his first half marathon. This is him after the race (still not sure he wants to do it again ha!)

We don't go far without Lo's little pink bunny. The bunny was a gift from one of her birth grandparents and they've been inseparable ever since!

There's a snow cone shack a couple blocks from our house so you can find us there most days in the summer. When we ask Lo what flavor she wants, she always says "Pink" and the girls at the shack know what that means :)

Watching the fireworks from our front porch swings (Lo is not a fan of the loud noises they make so we grabbed her some headphones!)

3 year old birthday pictures! This is another favorite hobbies of Kaylie's, to take pictures of Lo!


Realllllly focused!


Lo Lo loves the tea-cups and always wants to sit in the pink or purple ones.

We went out to take family pictures but these two got a little side tracked and just wanted to play in the river.


Lo was a witch for Halloween. She said "I'm a bad witch, but I'm nice" ha!


We make sugar cookies for the frosting and sprinkles!


Kaylie & Lo after doing a "virtual 5k". 2020 was so weird, wasn't it?


A little too distracted to take pictures at Disneyland!

She's trying not to smile but obvs it isn't working very well.


Andy's 30th birthday selfie. I had a big birthday planned for him but we found out that grandpa passed away and our second round of IVF didn't work (all in the same day) so we ended up just staying home and doing cake and ice cream the 3 of us.

Lo's sealing day at the Cedar City UT temple <3 We were able to have Kaylie's grandpa do the sealing and it was such a HAPPY DAY.

You measure the sprinkles to sugar cookie ratio with your heart. Just keep them coming!


Lo and her bff, Dee-du-yun (her pink bunny!)


Some of the family and friends who came to love on Lo the day of her blessing and sealing! We can't even look at this picture without tearing up!


Pirates of the Carribean. We like to get our favorite treats and then ride Pirates because the ride is nice and cool and gives us a break from walking around! Lo also likes the "BIG BIG DROP".

Cousins! These 2 are 2 months apart and they love each other so much (most of the time haha)

disney pins

Some of Kaylie and Lo's Disney pins. The tradition is that they get a new one every time we go.

Mom & Lo in Park City riding one of the lifts! This was the trip where we took Lo to her first concert (Gavin DeGraw).


First day of preschool! Time is flying by!

3 generations

3 generations!


She was such a happy little baby! Oh my gosh, her cheeks were so yummy!


Family pictures 2017

First time with rice cereal - she was in heaven!

Freezing cold family pictures on Cedar Mountain!


Dad & Loren <3

Kaylie + Lo in the hotel after Lo was discharged from the hospital. That hotel room in Gilbert AZ holds some of our best memories. Our first days as a family of 3.

Newborn pictures!

new 5

Soaking wet from our last ride at Disneyland, full of beignets and just pure happiness.

Four wheeler ride in Hatch, UT with two of our nieces!

Kissing sting rays in Grand Cayman!


Boat ride under the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco CA. I tried to convince Andy to get on board with us moving to SF for like 3 years after this trip. I LOVE the energy of big cities!

5 year anniversary pictures in downtown Salt Lake City. Kaylie's childhood best friend took these for us and we love them!

Our wedding day, July 2011 This was before Andy got heat stroke and threw up on the lawn ha ha!

Ice Blocking one of the first times Andy and I hung out!


Kayaking with our friends at Sand Hallow Res!


Andy & his handsome face!


Kaylie on a hike in Zion National Park 2017. If you have never done Angel's Landing - do it! It's beautiful!


5 year anniversary pictures, Salt Lake City


Family pictures - Cedar Mountain


Crazy hair day at school-She was STOKED about the pipe cleaners in her hair!


Andy on the ferris wheel at Lagoon - he's terrified of heights despite the smile on his face

We love when grandma, grandpa and the cousins come visit!


We take our love for pizza very seriously!


Rooftop dancing - SLC

Kaylie as a 3 year old!


Andy on his way to scouts - circa 96'

Engagement photos (2011)

Wedding day cake smash! I swear half the cake Andy smashed in my face went down my dress!

Parasailing in Key West, FL! This was on a cruise we took with our friends when we were first married! We still take couples trips with the same group to this day.


5 year anniversary pictures!


Engagement pictures - 2011. This was pre-knowing how to pencil in my eyebrows apparently ha!


Ugly sweater party right after we met in 2010. this was right before ugly sweaters were becoming "a thing" so ours were a little weak.

5 year anniversary photos - one of our favorites, constantly laughing!


Tubing at the lake!


4 year anniversary trip to Park City

Engagement photos!


5 year anniversary photos

Grandma's birthday!

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