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I'm not sure what my plan is with adding a blog to this website. I have always loved writing and loved getting thoughts down so this might just be therapeutic for me but here we go.

The last few months have been interesting for our little family. We had a career change and college graduation for Andy, we moved to a new city, and experienced change in a lot of different ways. It seems like in life, there are seasons of fun and seasons of accomplishment and seasons of trials and testing and seasons of growth and for us right now, this is a season of growth. We were pretty comfortable about 9 months ago and it's time to expand and grow and change and we're welcoming it with open arms!

Since August 2018, we have been riding the IVF roller coaster and if you've been on that ride you know. I won't go into all the details but I'll just say that after a lot of driving and surgeries and blood draws and shots and hope and tears and anger and money (ha!) and two failed rounds, I'm just glad we're off that ride.

I don't know what lead us to go down that infertility road honestly. At first I thought it was because it was all going to eventually lead to a sibling for Lo but hind-site is 20/20 right? Looking back, I think I've always known I wouldn't be able to carry a child and to be totally honest, that has been okay with me. This gave me the opportunity to squash that curiosity and now I can finally move on from it. It still doesn't take away the sting and loss and questioning that comes along with that process but day by day I find myself sorting it out and getting closure.

Anyways, we're SO looking forward to the adoption process again, I think that's where our hearts have always been.

- Kaylie

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