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We're Andy & Kaylie and we're SO grateful for adoption. 

 We both talked about how much we wanted to have a family and so, our first choice when we found out we had infertility was so clearly adoption.

We had been trying to start our little family for 6  years when we met the most selfless woman we've ever known and she blessed us with our daughter. Words can't describe all the emotions you feel going through the adoption process. The happiest and hardest moments for all. We are so grateful every day for those experiences and especially for our daughter and her birth family. 

We can't wait to see where this road continues to take us. We know that the family you are meant to have, comes into your life no matter what. God has a plan for us all and as soon as we turn our lives over to Him, he makes them much more than we could have ever imagined for ourselves. 

Andy & I met in 2010 while we were both going to school at SUU. We had our first date that November and from then on it's been an adventure! We've been fortunate enough to travel a lot and live close to our best friends and family here in Southern Utah.

The road to adoption for us really started  before we got married. Kaylie's little brother was adopted when she was 6 and she's always hoped to be able to adopt as well. 



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